An Aeldari Suncannon

A Suncannon is a large Aeldari Plasma Weapon and makes use of a small nuclear fusion reaction to superheat a stream of matter into its plasma state. A Suncannon is a rapid-fire weapon and its wide and potent blasts are able to pierce all but the heaviest types of armour worn by enemy infantry. It is also hauntingly accurate due to its use of a sophisticated electromagnetic pulse to guide its lethal blasts to enemy targets.

As with all Aeldari Plasma Weapons, it is far superior to its Imperial counterparts, as the core of the weapon is protected by a sophisticated series of electromagnetic containment fields to ensure the weapon will never overheat in the hands of its wielder despite producing the incandescent heat of a sun. Suncannons are scaled-up versions of the more common Starcannon, and are only used by Aeldari Wraithknights due to their immense size and power.


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