Strike and Fade is the tenth audio drama for the Horus Heresy Series that was not originally released as part of an anthology or other release. Strike and Fade was published online in December 2012 as part of the Black Library's Advent Calendar 2012, on the 14th day. The audio drama was later republished in prose format as part of the Legacies of Betrayal main series anthology novel. This audio drama, along with several others were also released as part of the Echoes of Ruin audio anthology.

Official Synopsis

In the aftermath of the Drop Site Massacre of Isstvan V, a group of Salamanders survivors lay a trap for their foes, a group of unwary Night Lords on the hunt for easy prey. As they lure the Night Haunter's murderous sons into a trap, the battered survivors of the Drop Site Massacre contemplate their fate... and for some of them, it may come sooner than they think.


  • Strike and Fade (Audio Drama) by Guy Haley
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