A Stormspear Rocket Pod

The Stormspear Rocket Pod is a Missile Launcher system deployed by the combat walkers of the Questor Imperialis, the Imperial Knights, and by the the Renegade Knights of the Questor Traitoris. The Stormspear Rocket Pod is mounted to the Knight's chassis, on the uppermost part of its carapace.

The weapon is used to engage enemy targets at medium range, firing self-propelled projectiles tipped with armour-piercing warheads that streak out in sharp flashes to destroy their targets. This weapon is primarily used against heavily-armoured infantry, but is also effective against light to medium-armoured vehicles.

The Stormspear Rocket Pod can launch up to three of these rockets in rapid succession, each emitting a high-pitched whooshing shortly followed by the crack of explosions in the distance.


Due to the sheer diversity of Knight Worlds and Forge Worlds in the Imperium there exist a multitude of minor variants of the Stormspear Rocket Pod. The known variants include:

  • Stormspear with Eighteen Rocket Tubes - The standard variant of the Stormspear Rocket Pod, this version features eighteen rocket tubes.
  • Stormspear with eight Rocket Tubes - An uncommon variant, this version features only eight rocket tubes, holding less ammunition than that of the standard pattern.
  • Stormspear with twenty-four Rocket Tubes - A rare variant, this version features twenty-four missile tubes, and consequently holds much more ammunition than that of the standard pattern. This version uses a larger overall pod design to accommodate the additional rocket tubes.


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