The Storms of Judgement occurred along the Caradryad Warp fault. The entire daemon-hunting Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter responded as the dangerous Warp fault opened and three massive Warp Storms suddenly lashed the Caradryad Sector in the Segmentum Tempestus. The populated planets of the sector were plunged into anarchy and revolt as millions were driven insane overnight. Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Ferrando Qui first recorded his encounter with the Daemon beast of Khorne known as Gorefeaster during this time.

This foul abomination of Chaos is a creature taken by the Dark Gods and corrupted for the Blood God's entertainment after being possessed by the spirits of ravenous daemons. Tormented and driven insane by its hideous form, its soul is possessed by the base and bloody desires of the daemon within, seeking only to kill.

Gorefeaster is a huge beast of muscle, sinew, fangs and claws with only one thought driving it -- to charge headlong into the enemy, tearing and goring a bloody path across the battlefield. The Inquisitor names the creature in his work the Ars Practica Animum Daemonica, and tells of his encounter and exorcism of the beast on his expedition to the Hel Quadrant.


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