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*''Imperial Armour - Apocalypse''
*''Imperial Armour - Apocalypse''
[[Category:Imperial Tanks]]
[[Category:Imperial Tanks]]
[[Category:Imperial Guard]]

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An Imperial Guard Stormlord super-heavy tank

The Stormlord is a super-heavy tank and variant of the Baneblade super-heavy main battle tank used by the forces of the Imperium, particularly the Imperial Guard. It is equipped with a Vulcan Mega-Bolter and a twin-linked Heavy Bolter. It can also have 2 or 4 Heavy Flamers and Lascannons added to its complement of arms. The Stormlord excels in its role as an infantry support vehicle, as it is able to hold up to forty men and it's armament means that is is easily capable of ripping through infantry and light vehicles. Much like the Baneblade, the Adeptus Mechanicus record the Stormlord's service number and track its accomplishments in the Emperor's service.


  • Imperial Armour - Apocalypse
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