A Decimator Storm Laser

A Storm Laser, also known as the Decimator Storm Laser, is a large, multi-barrelled laser weapon that is used by the Forces of Chaos. Imperial records indicate that the Storm Laser is known only to be used by the Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine, although it is presumed that it may also be used by other Chaos vehicles and Daemon Engines.

The Storm Laser is similar in function to the Multi-Laser used on several Imperial vehicles, such as the Chimera and the Sentinel combat walker. The weapon is highly effective against enemy infantry and lightly armoured vehicles. The Storm laser is usually deployed on Decimators that will be expecting to face  large numbers of enemy infantry, and is usually used either in conjunction with a Decimator Siege Claw or another Storm Laser, but can also be wielded in tandem with a Soul Burner Petard or a Butcher Cannon.


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