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The Stor-Bezashk were a special formation of the Iron Warriors Legion that existed during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy eras and served as the IV Legion's greatest siegemasters.

The Stor-Bezashk were a host of ordnance and heavy artillery specialists who commanded firepower like no other. The Stor-Bezashk were also high explosive ordnance experts and were responsible for crafting the necessary earth-breaching charges used by the Iron Warriors' massive siege-works once the most functional and desirable location for the breach in the enemy's defences had been identified.

It is unknown if the Stor-Bezashk still exist among the Iron Warriors warbands of Heretic Astartes in the late 41st Millennium.


The original Stor-Bezashk were normal humans who served as the siege-savants of the Olympian city-state of Lochos and served under Perturabo during his conquest of his homeworld. He later applied the same name to the Astartes of his own Legion who took on a similar function.

During the Great Crusade, the Iron Warriors were known to operate large numbers of more unusual variant tanks and specialised war machines such as the Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer, Deimos Whirlwind Scorpius and Thunderstrike tanks. This bias and an enormous independent manufacturing base provide by the Legion's close alliance with the Mechanicum, alongside the integration of armoured and artillery formations at every level of the IV Legion, meant that the Iron Warriors had the largest armoured reserve and ordnance capacity of any of the Space Marine Legions of the Great Crusade.

A particular example of this was a specialised formation within the IV Legion known as the Stor-Bezashk. In a Legion renowned for the power of its ordnance and its consummate skills in siege warfare, the Stor-Bezashk were the masters of destruction, tasked with the maintenance, construction and use of the deadly siege weapons and singular relics of destruction in the Legion's armoury.

The siegemasters of the Stor-Bezashk had command of weapons and war engines unseen outside of the ranks of the Mechanicum's Ordo Reductor and direct battlefield command of the Legion's extensive stockpiles of atomic shells, phosphex reserves and core gravitic munitions, and power of life and death over those Legionaries assigned (often as punishment) to the Destroyer cadre under the siegemasters' control. The Stor-Bezashk served both as a specialised siege-breaking force in its own right and, broken into its component parts, as specialised reinforcements for the Legion's Grand Battalions in the field.


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