Sternhammer Wolf Priest

Wolf Priest Sternhammer, 'Warden of the Lost'

Sternhammer, also known as the 'Warden of the Lost', was a Wolf Priest of the Space Wolves Chapter. Known only by his name to the defenders of the Cadian Gate, he came to represent all the actions of the lost 13th Great Company during Abaddon the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41. He fell upon the Forces of Chaos mercilessly and then withdrew before any Imperial force could make successful contact. Sternhammer was reported to have been in a great many different war zones light years apart from each other, leading a band of bestial warriors that he would unleash like giant hunting hounds upon the foe. He was reported to have saved the 143rd Cadian Regiment at Cadmus Binary.

Fighting alongside an unidentified and powerful Wolf Lord, his Wulfen guard slew the Night Lords Chaos Lord Sinax. Only a few solar days later and five light years away, Sternhammer was reportedly sighted once more, leading a boarding action aboard an Imperial Navy vessel that resulted in the scuttling of the Light of Fatidicus, so that the enemy would not capture it. More than a hundred victories were attributed to Wolf Priest Sternhammer and his warbands during the 13th Black Crusade. Whether they were the same band, or many, and whether Sternhammer led them all himself is unknown, but the defenders of the Cadian Gate remain both heartened and terrified at the memory of the mournful howls of the Wulfen he led into combat.


  • Games Day Program (2003)
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