Soulcage Slaveship

Chaos Soulcage-class Slaveship

The Chaos Soulcage-class Slaveship rarely sees combat. Instead they are known to roam the Koronus Expanse of the Segmentum Obscurus following in the wake of Chaotic warship wolfpacks and pirates to purchase, barter, or swindle for those individuals unfortunate enough to be taken alive in a Chaotic assault, planetary raid or pirate attack. These types of transports are an essential part of a Chaos Lord's warfleet, though some operate independently, risking possible attack for the much greater profits to be made in independent slave-trading on Chaos-controlled worlds within the boundaries of the Imperium of Man.

Almost all Soulcage-class Slaveships are converted from captured Imperial transports or commercial freighters. After profaning any Imperial icons of the Emperor of Mankind and sanctifying the ship with the blasphemous sigils and icons of its new masters among the Ruinous Powers, the interior cargo bays are replaced by deck after deck of slave pens. By the hundreds of thousands, flesh and spirits are broken to create new servants of the Dark Gods. Unable to escape the corruption surrounding them which is as ubiquitous as the tainted air, the constant blasphemous chanting, and senseless torture all work to destroy their souls. Forced to worship at profane shrines and branded with despoiling icons, the slaves are transformed into mindless thralls, ready to fight or die at their master's desire. Properly prepared, they fetch fine profits at Chaos or even xenos-controlled worlds. However, some remain untainted, kept in stasis pods to preserve their purity for ritual sacrifice, meals, or other gruesome fates.


  • Hull: Transport
  • Class: Soulcage-class Chaos Transport
  • Dimensions: Approximately 2 kilometres long, .5 kilometres abeam
  • Mass: Approximately 10 megatonnes
  • Crew: Approximately 30,000 crew plus hundreds of thousands of slaves
  • Acceleration: 3 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration


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