"Unscarred, unbroken."

—Book's tag-line

Sons of the Forge is a novella in the Horus Heresy Series.


Charged with a solemn duty by the Primarch Vulkan himself, Forgefather T'kell of the Salamanders prepares for what may be his last journey. Along with a chosen few of the Legion's elite Firedrakes, he must bear the last seven of Vulkan's greatest weapons away to the secret vault known as The Wrought, putting them forever beyond the reach of enemy and ally alike. But word has already spread of these legendary artifacts...


Although Sons of the Forge is marketed as a full length novel it only contains 240 pages, more than a novella yet less than a full novel, and is the second short novel marketed this way (the other was Tallarn: Ironclad).


  • Sons of the Forge by Nick Kyme
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