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Sons of Damnation Termi

A Chaos Terminator of the Sons of Damnation wearing Indomitus Pattern Terminator Armour and armed with a Melta Gun and a Power Mace

The Sons of Damnation are a notorious Chaos Terminator Squad of the Foresworn, a large force of Chaos Space Marines comprised of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion. During the Eydolim Campaign, the Foresworn deployed at the spear tip of the Chaos Space Marine assault. Focusing their offensive against the main temple, the Sons of Damnation, carved a bloody path towards the heart of the Imperial lines.

Warband History[]

Notable Campaigns[]

  • Eydolim Campaign (Unknown Date.M41) - The Sons of Damnation were among the murderous alliance of Chaos Space Marines that served the Daemon Prince Kor Megron in assailing the world of Eydolim and other nearby worlds. This particular Chaos campaign was unusual, in that such overwhelming assaults and universal cooperation is normally the province of a Black Crusade. This speaks volumes of Kor Maegron's powers of being able to manipulate so many disparate Chaos Space Marine warbands to do his bidding. All together there was more than 200 Chaos Space Marines from the Word Bearers present in the final assault on Eydolim. The Foresworn were the spear tip of the Chaos Space Marine assault, focusing their offensive against the main temple, while the Sons of Damnation carved a bloody path towards the heart of the Imperial lines.

Warband Appearance[]

Warband Colours[]

Like the Traitor Legion of which they were a part, the Word Bearers, the Sons of Damnation's Terminator Armour was the same colour of spilt blood, a colour often called "Traitor's Red" or "Betrayer's Red," after the Word Bearers changed their colours from slate grey to red during the Horus Heresy. This colour was sometimes worn with black or silver trim. Heretical prayers are inscribed directly into the surface of the Sons of Damnation's Terminator Armour. Often times Sons of Damnation Space Marines are also seen wearing devotional prayer sheets hanging from their armour's shoulder plates -- the blasphemous words of the Book of Lorgar inscribed upon them.

Warband Badge[]

This warband typically adopts the symbol of the Word Bearers Legion, the Latros Sacrum, a stylised representation of a roaring, horned daemon's head wreathed in flames, which represented all that the XVII Legion stood for, all that they believed in so deeply and all that they were willing to kill and die for.


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