A Sonic Blaster in use by a Chaos Noise Marine

The Sonic Blaster is a heavy Sonic Weapon that when fired unleashes wave after wave of devastating harmonics and literally rips its target apart with the power of extreme sound. The Sonic Blaster is the preferred weapon of Heretic Astartes Noise Marines and Daemon Engines that serve the Chaos God Slaanesh.

The Sonic Blaster is about the same size as the Astartes' man-portable Heavy Bolter, and is wielded with both hands. There exists a slightly larger variant of the weapon that is used by Chaos Sonic Dreadnoughts, where it is twin-linked with a second Sonic Blaster to cause even more destructive results.

Imperial records do not list any other known users of the Sonic Blaster, although there probably exist many more amongst the Forces of Chaos dedicated to the Prince of Pleasure.


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