Inquisitor-Ordo Xenos

Inquisitor Lord Solomon Lok, believed slain on Beta Anphelion IV in 850.M41 during the events of the Anphelion Project

Solomon Lok, veteran of the Hrud infestation on Chincare, was the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lord charged by his brethren with investigating the sudden loss of contact with an Imperial Adeptus Mechanicus biological research facility on Beta Anphelion IV in 850.M41. His retinue consisted of a Servo-skull, Major Durra of the 99th Elysian Drop Troops Regiment's Detachment D, the Magos Biologis Arthon, Autosavant Wassily, who kept a log of the events that transpired on Beta Anphelion IV to the end, and Astropath Zarneck, who transmitted the log to Inquisitor Lord Varius, Lok's superior.


Lok, the Elysian Drop Troops 99th 'D' Detachment, led by Major Durra, a detachment of Imperial Guardsmen from the 226th Cadian Shock Troops, an Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis Exploritas force headed by Magos Biologis Arthon (seconded from the Forge World Gryphonne IV) and a task force of Astartes from the Red Scorpions Chapter led by Commander Carab Culln, went into orbit above the clouded moon of Beta Anphelion IV.

The Imperial task force soon learned the horrible truth; the Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-priests on Beta Anphelion IV had been conducting biological research upon captured sub-species of Tyranids. Their containment of the savage xenos had ultimately failed and the Tyranids had escaped into the wild, rapidly increased their numbers and then wiped out the small population of the Imperial research station on the world. Solomon Lok's task force now faced a similar overwhelming population of Tyranids. After a fierce battle on Beta Anphelion IV, the Red Scorpions were ordered to withdraw from the hopeless situation, but they were to evacuate only themselves, and none of the other Imperial personnel, who could fit aboard the Red Scorpions transports. The transport requisitioned for the mission refused all of Lok's requests, stranding Lok and the small force of survivors on the moon as the Tyranids closed in. In a last stand, Lok succeeded in slaying a Hierophant Bio-Titan, only to see two more stride out of the ammonia fog of Beta Anphelion. Lok was able to transmit a record of his last days from Beta Anphelion IV to his fellow Inquisitors in the Ordo Xenos, and his final fate is unknown, though he is presumed dead.


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