Under the command of Marshal Brant, of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter, the Solemnus Crusade was formed in 999.M41 to answer for the razing of the Black Templars' Chapter Keep on the world of Solemnus by the Ork Warlord Morkrull Grimskar, chieftain of the Blood Scar Ork tribe. The Solemnus Crusade belatedly joined the war effort on the Hive World of Armageddon and deployed in search of the elusive Warlord.

However, despite an apparent early success, the Crusade met with disaster when Emperor's Champion Ansgar was captured by the severely injured but not-yet dead Warlord. The near-dead Warlord was transformed into a Cybork, and adding insult to injury many of the cybernetic components were salvaged from stolen Black Templars' wargear.

After this setback, no Black Templar of the Crusade would recieve the ecstatic vision of the Emperor signifying he'd been chosen to be the Emperor's Champion, clearly announcing that brother Ansgar was somehow still alive. Black Templars Dreadnought Jarold formed a strikeforce under the designation "Ansgar's Avengers" specifically tasked with locating the captured Emperor's Champion and recovering the revered relics of the Black Sword and Armor of Faith belonging to him. While the strikeforce did not recover Ansgar on its first attempt, Jarold's forces did uncover the Crimson Fists Venerable Dreadnought Rhodomanus, who had been lost and laid dormant for 50 Terran years in the Dead Lands ice glaciers during the Second War for Armageddon.

After being awakened from his icy tomb, Rhodomanus pledged his support to the Black Templars, and joined them in an assault on the presumed position of the Warboss Grimskar, but alas for them, the cunning and elusive Warlord had already departed the targeted site. What they did find however was a large Tellyporta array and an almost-finished Stompa, freshly recovered from the ice that had been originally constructed during this earlier campaign and prevented it from joining the Ork war effort elsewhere, and which the Orks now planned to finally teleport straight into the nearest human battleforce.

The Black Templars immediately rushed forward and managed to seize the Tellyporta, which the Black Templar Techmarine managed to subdue in order to teleport his brothers to safety on their Strike Cruiser, teleporting down one of their voidship's Plasma Torpedoes in their stead. The resulting explosion destroyed both the Stompa and the Tellyporta array, with the bonus of incinerating a good part of Warboss Grimskar's cadre of Mekboyz. Not yet finished in their task, strikeforce "Ansgar's Avengers" and the Solemnus Crusade continued their campaign on the surface of Armageddon, but not before contacting their Crimson Fists brethren, and arranging for Brother Rhodomanus to finally be reunited with his Chapter.


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