An Ork Snazzgun

A Snazzgun is either a ballistic or directed energy weapon favoured by the most ostentatious and obnoxious of Orks, known as Flash Gitz. Snazzguns vary as much in design as Shootas, but all are lethal in the extreme.

Many Flash Gitz hard-wire their Snazzguns to their primitive bionics, incorporating a variety of barrels, scopes and targeting arrays into their cybernetics to maximise their Snazzgun's effectiveness -- not that this necessarily makes them any better shots, but it does make them feel bigger and cleverer as they are shooting.

An individual Snazzgun shoots either bolts of energy or ballistic rounds, but not both. A Snazzgun, just like a Shoota, is inherently inaccurate and can do variable damage, as the velocity of its shots (if the weapon is of the ballistic variety) can vary.


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