A triple-barrelled Smoke Launcher mounted atop an Imperial vehicle

A Smoke Launcher is wargear that is commonly found on many human vehicles belonging to the Imperium and the Forces of Chaos, and can even be found in use by Tyranid Genestealers that are hidden on Imperial worlds. Smoke Launchers are small multi-barrelled grenade launchers that are mounted externally to the front of vehicles, either on the vehicle's hull or turret.

The launcher tubes are loaded with smoke charges and when fired produce a non-lethal, self-defence smoke obscurant in multiple directions around the vehicle. The weapon conceals the vehicle behind an obscuring wall of dense smoke and is useful for protection from enemy threat surveillance, target acquisition, and some weapon guidance systems. This tactic is especially effective when a vehicle is caught out in the open, and can be used to cover a retreat, allow infantry to disembark from the vehicle, or to prepare to retaliate.

Smoke Launchers, like the Searchlight, are a common piece of vehicle wargear and in many cases are included as part of the default loadout of a vehicle, due to their usefulness and their low cost to produce and maintain.


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