A Slinnar War Machine is a hideous device that resembles a suit of archaic, rune-encrusted armour that must be animated by the soul of a willing supplicant to move and act independently.

They are an especially wretched, if little-known mystery of the outer Jericho Reach, and considered Tech-heresy by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Slinnar War Machines have earned their name because they are said to resonate on a range of frequencies readable only by the most lore-steeped Tech-priest, identical to the protostars that comprise so much of the star cluster in the Jericho Reach called the Slinnar Drift.

While the link to the region is tenuous and ultimately unproven, it nonetheless suggests a source of great evil that several Inquisitors have attempted to investigate.

The matter was of great concern to Inquisitor Horosa Barnabas of the Ordo Xenos before his untimely demise, and it is thought that his investigations were tantalisingly close to revealing the war machines' source.

Though a taciturn man little given to sharing his findings with his peers, Barnabas left behind several tomes of diaries in which he likened the animated suits to the recently emerged Necrons.

The forms of both, so he wrote, are driven by the will of an entrapped soul, and so must surely have more in common.

Sadly, it is now believed that Inquisitor Barnabas fell under the dominion of some xenos influence shortly before his disappearance, and so no great store should be placed in his latter writings.

This may indeed be nothing more than an elaborate plot intended to ensnare the unwary and sow discord amongst those who seek to uncover the secrets of the Outer Reach.


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