Skyrak Slaughterborn choas lord

Skyrak Slaughterborn; one of the Chosen of Abaddon and current Lord Corruptor of the Black Legion

Skyrak Slaughterborn is a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion of Chaos Space Marines and the current Lord Corruptor of the Chosen of Abaddon. Skyrak Slaughterborn leads the warbands of Nurgle within the Black Legion into battle. Collectively known as the Bringers of Decay, they spread their disease and corruption throughout the Realms of Man.

Skyrak is known to have led the large warband of Chaos Space Marines known as the Slaughterkin in the assault on Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade. The Lord Corruptor is tasked with instilling fear and hatred amongst the Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion. His trophy rack is adorned with the skulls of failed servants.


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