A Skull Cannon mounted to the back of a Skull Cannon of Khorne Daemon Engine, which is named after the mighty weapon it bears

The Skull Cannon is a Daemon Weapon of Chaos that is used by several Daemon Engines as their main weapons, notably the Blood Reaper and the Skull Cannon of Khorne. The weapon takes the form of a massive archaic cannon made of Warp-forged black iron and brass wholly dedicated to the service of the Blood God Khorne. The weapon fires the skinless, charred skulls of Khorne's enemies, each infused with the Blood God's endless and abiding wrath until their empty eye sockets weep blood and their slack jaws jibber with rage. Only then, with an echoing boom, does the Skull Cannon discharge its payload upon its targets. The skulls catch fire as they are launched, and roar with evil laughter as they fly at frightening speeds towards their intended target. They slam into the enemy ranks, burning them from cover and leaving a trail of scorched and blazing dead. The Skull Cannon is the main weapon of both the Skull Cannon of Khorne Daemon Engine, which itself was named after the weapon it bears, and the Blood Reaper Daemon Engine, which carries two Skull Cannons atop its towering chassis.


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