A trio of T'au Skether'qan (Messenger)-class Starships

The Skether'qan (Messenger)-class Starship is an Escort grade starship used in the T'au Empire's Kor'vattra. The Skether'qan is the smallest self-sufficient T'au vessel in the Kor'vattra, as it mostly comprises a gravitic drive and a hold.

The Skether'qan (Messenger)-class Starship is occasionally used as a fleet scout as it is quite manoeuvrable, and has unmatched data handling and communications facilities within the T'au navy. Soon after the Skether'qan’s initial introduction, these systems were soon adapted for combat applications.

The Skether'qan’s weaponry is purely intended to deter pursuit, so in fleet actions it tends to stay close to a capital ship, helping against Attack Craft in return for protection against true warships.


Every Skether'qan-class Starship is armed, as standard, with a prow Railgun battery, two defensive turrets around its hull, and standard T'au starship gravitic shielding.

It is also equipped with advanced ship tracking and communication systems. These systems consist of highly advanced data storage and processing facilities to cope with the vast amounts of information they carry.

When linked to the ship's sensors, this processing power can be used to provide a direct feed any nearby ships' turrets to improve their accuracy and effectiveness.


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