Warlord-Sinister-class Psi-Titan

A Warlord-Sinister-class Psi-Titan of the Ordo Sinister armed with the Sinistramanus Tenebrae on its left arm and an Arioch Power Claw on its right.

The Sinistramanus Tenebrae, literally "the Left Hand of Darkness" in High Gothic, is the primary weapon of a Warlord-Sinister-class Psi-Titan of the Ordo Sinister. It is also known as a "Psi-cannon."

The Psi-cannon incorporates numerous systems of unknown and most likely xenos origins, and the Emperor alone knows the truth of how they were acquired.

Roused to anger a Warlord-Sinister is a terrible beast, able to project psychic phenomena on a truly gargantuan scale. Despite this, the most devastating power a Warlord-Sinister can draw upon rests in its left arm.

This is a hybrid of strange technologies, more akin to a mutilated Warp-Drive in design than a conventional armament, but it serves to use the psychic potential of the Psi-Titan's Ciricrux Anima psychic amplifier by focusing the psychic anguish of the Titan's cybernetically-networked and bound psykers into a fracture in reality.

This fracture is much like the forced Warp-breach inherent in Vortex Weapons which is then channelled and released as a projectile of nightmarishly destructive psychic force.

Where the projectile -- which manifests as a sphere or bolt of "darkness" as it eats the light of whatever medium it passes through before striking dense matter -- detonates, it causes complete annihilation in the immediate impact area.

What was there is disassembled and hurled bodily into the Empyrean molecule by molecule until the mercifully brief rupture self-seals.

Those in the wider area of the impact are simply struck dead, their bodies left unmarked as if their souls had been sheared from their bodies.

While Vortex Missile ordnance is both more powerful in its blast and limited in range only by its function, the Sinistramanus Tenebrae Psi-cannon has the advantage that it may be fired repeatedly, at least while the psychic strength of the bound psyker on board of the Psi-Titan lasts to power it.


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