Sin of Damnation

The Blood Angels 1st Company approach the Sin of Damnation.

The Sin of Damnation was a notorious Space Hulk assaulted by the Blood Angels Chapter of Space Marines. In 996.M40 in the Secoris System the Blood Angels assaulted an unnamed Space Hulk. This campaign ultimately proved disastrous, with the Blood Angels facing an unending tide of Genestealers and finally retreating with only fifty Battle-Brothers surviving from their entire Chapter.

Six hundred Terran years later in 589.M41, the Blood Angels made a second assault on a Space Hulk, this time confirmed as the Sin of Damnation. Under the command of Blood Angels 1st Company Captain Michaelus Raphael, eighty Blood Angel Terminators slaughtered over 40,000 Genestealers and this time captured the Hulk for the Imperium.


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