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Iconography of the Space Wolves Chapter

Sigurd is a young Wolf Priest of the Space Wolves who fought alongside Ragnar Blackmane during his time as a Wolfblade and would later fight at his side once more when he became the Wolf Lord of his own Great Company. Their initial relationship was inimical, partly due to Blackmane's bad reputation within the Chapter after losing the Spear of Russ, and partly due to Sigurd's own inexperience with his station and the Space Wolves' traditions due to his very recent ordaining as a Wolf Priest. Both Astartes would be forced to collaborate when they encountered remnants of the lost Space Wolves 13th Company, however, both united to counter the machinations of the Thousand Sons Sorcerer Madox. Despite his inexperience, Sigurd managed to function as a stable anchor of sanity for those Space Wolves suffering from the Curse of the Wulfen, and to let go of his enmity toward Blackmane. Today, he is counted amongst that Wolf Lord's most trusted officers and valued counsellors, his ability and experience to deal with Wulfen-cursed warriors a blessing to his Great Company.


  • Wolf's Honour (Novel) by Lee Lightner
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