The Shrouded Hand is a warband of Chaos Space Marine Chosen drawn from the Alpha Legion Traitor Legion. Other than their intervention on the world of Zharastia Jensen described below, little else is known about this warband in Imperial records.

Warband History


Alpha Legion Colour Scheme

Notable Campaigns

  • War of Hidden Lairs (Unknown Date) - The brotherhood of Chosen known as the Shrouded Hand infiltrates the way station world of Zharastia Jensen, a principal link in the supply chain of the Golgotha System. In their delvings amongst the lower strata of society to recruit more agents to their cause, the Shrouded Hand uncover a hive of Genestealer Cultists. In doing so they trigger an uprising that sees the industrialised populace rise up to seize rulership of the planet. The sleeper cells placed by the Alpha Legion are awakened by the coded messages of the Shrouded Hand, and the streets run with blood as the hidden Chaos Cults fight a savage guerrilla war against those who bear the mark of the Great Devourer. Content that Zharastia Jensen is now a broken cog in the Golgotha war machine, the Shrouded Hand disappear without trace.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

Like the rest of their parent Traitor Legion, The Shadowed Ones still maintain the basic Alpha Legion colour scheme for their Power Armour -- blue, silver and green.

Warband Badge

The Shadowed Ones uses the same Legion badge and iconography as the rest of the Alpha Legion, namely a green hydra, the mythological multi-headed serpent that has the ability to grow back two heads for every one cut off.


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