A pair of Shieldbreaker Missiles ready to be fired from atop the carapace of a Knight Castellan.

A Shieldbreaker Missile is a munition fired by a carapace-mounted Missile Launcher on the Dominus-class Knight Castellan. Shieldbreaker Missiles are an ancient variant of the redoubtable Hunter-Killer Missile. These warheads incorporate Raptoris Machine Spirits (artificial intelligences) and empyric cascade micro-generators that allow them to disrupt and pass through enemy shields by skipping like hurled stones across the skin of reality, dipping minutely in and out of the Warp in micro-second flickers.

Shieldbreaker Missiles are employed to punish those dishonourable enemies who cower behind veils of arcane energy or the massed ranks of lesser warriors. After all, as the pilots of the Knights Castellan are fond of saying, there is no escape from the Emperor's wrath.


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