The Shadowed Ones are a large warband comprised of Chaos Space Marines from the Alpha Legion Traitor Legion. The Shadowed Ones are led by the Chaos Lord Dynat Mal, known as "Crowbane." Though their parent Legion's loyalties are in question, the warband is thought to fight for the cause of Chaos Undivided against the Imperium. This warband's fate is unknown, but after a reign of terror that lasted several standard decades it is generally believed that they met their dark fate at the hands of the reawakened Necron Maynarkh Dynasty



Alpha Legion Colour Scheme

Following the tragic events of the Horus Heresy the Traitor Legions were driven outwards by the resurgent armies of the Emperor of Mankind after the Battle of Terra during the unending bloodshed known as the Great Scouring. The Chaos Lord Dynat Mal, known as "Crowbane," was the main architect of the Raven Guard's shaming defeat at the Battle of Lyx. He fled to the Mandragoran Stars and gathered to him a coterie of Renegades, diabolists and Traitors thousands strong. Imperial forces sent in pursuit were repeatedly outmanoeuvred and cut apart piecemeal as Dynat's forces, now known as "The Shadowed Ones," employed guerrilla tactics and dark forces to extend their mastery over the region. After the vital Imperial outpost station at the world of Amarah, in what is now the Orpheus Sector of the Segmentum Tempestus, was attacked and destroyed, its entire population slaughtered and stockpiles plundered, any Imperial claim to the region was effectively severed. This sundered realm, caught beyond the light of the Imperium at the edges of the Veiled Region, became known as the Dark Marches. Even today, it is considered benighted by ignorance and discord, and is shrouded from human sight. Dynat Mal continued to successfully ambush and destroy several Imperial punitive expeditions and established a reign of terror that lasted for several standard decades. Although the fate of the Shadowed Ones remains a mystery, it is generally believed that Dynat Mal was defeated and subsequently killed by the awakened Necrons of the Maynark Dynasty.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

Like the rest of their parent Traitor Legion, The Shadowed Ones still maintain the basic Alpha Legion colour scheme for their Power Armour -- blue, silver and green.

Warband Badge

The Shadowed Ones uses the same Legion badge and iconography as the rest of the Alpha Legion, namely a green hydra, the mythological multi-headed serpent that has the ability to grow back two heads for every one cut off.


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