Ankh Triarch

The Ankh of the Triarch, ancient royal symbol of the unified Necron Empire used by every current Necron Dynasty

A Shadow Ankh is a Necron protective device that takes the form of a heavy amulet emblazoned with the Ankh of the Triarch. Much more than a sign of status, Shadow Ankhs contain a small but powerful psychic null-field generator, far more sophisticated than those fashioned by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

This is able to nullify the effects of Warp-spawned powers and sever the connection that Daemons and psykers have to the Immaterium through unknown arcane technologies.

Shadow Ankhs are artefacts found exclusively as part of the armouries of Necron royals, such as Necron Overlords, Necron Lords and Necron Destroyer Lords.


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