"Cut off the head and the body dies."

—Book's tag-line

The Seventh Serpent is a limited-release novella in the Horus Heresy Series of novels, released in hardback format. The novella was first released during the 2014 Horus Heresy Weekender and later on the Black Library's website. The Seventh Serpent is now available as a non-limited hardback, an ebook, and as an audiobook (MP3).


The crew of the Sisypheum, consisting of a band of Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders survivors, seek to strike a decisive blow against the Traitor Legions. Their target: a heavily defended Alpha Legion outpost. Aided by some unlikely allies, they take their vengeance against the Sons of Alpharius. But as with anything involving the XX Legion, what awaits them on the station is not what they expect, and as the true architect of the battle reveals himself, the warriors of the Shattered Legions face a deadly opponent unlike any other.


  • The Seventh Serpent by Graham McNeill
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