A Shield-Captain of the Adeptus Custodes outfitted with Sentinel Blade and Misericordia

The Sentinel Blade is a Power Weapon shaped as a broadsword of daunting size, so large its hilt is flanked with the double barrels of a Bolt Caster that can lay down a hail of short-range fire. It is a common melee weapon used by the Custodians of the Adeptus Custodes, the praetorians of the Emperor of Mankind. It is a testament to the strength of the Custodians that they can wield these powered blades one-handed.

When coupled with the armoured bulwark of the Storm Shield -- whose protective powers are augmented with a built-in energy-shield generator -- this potent combination allows the Custodian to cut their foes apart while weathering even the most devastating of attacks.

The Veiled Blade

An ancient Sentinel Blade that burns with a bitterly cold and dark energy, the Veiled Blade is bestowed upon a Custodian who has vowed to recover that which should remain hidden from Humanity and return it to the Dark Cells.


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