The Scourge Campaign was the greatest military campaign of its time, and was conducted within the Maelstrom Zone from 640.M41 through 651.M41. The Astral Claws and their allies from the Maelstrom Warders alliance of Astartes Chapters conducted a series of major combat operations, striking deep into the heart of the Maelstrom itself and taking the battle to the foe, the first Imperial forces in centuries to do so.

Using intelligence gathered over more than fifty standard years of constant warfare and the ancient charts and secrets garnered from the cryptic histories held in the archives of the Mantis Warriors Chapter, the Warders' strike force managed to pinpoint and destroy dozens of enemy strongholds and root out the hiding places of many infamous Renegades during the campaign. In a battle at Taskar's Wound, the Mantis Warriors were revenged upon the Renegade Space Marines warband known as The Reborn for their losses on Cygnax in 577.M41.

Despite the Warders' successes, their efforts were curtailed when the Charnel Guard Chapter was abruptly withdrawn from the Maelstrom Zone entirely and their ties severed with the Warders and despatched instead to the Thanatos Crusade in the Veiled Region. This sudden loss, which cut the Warders' forces by a quarter, effectively ended the campaign. The Astral Claws subsequently petitioned the High Lords of Terra for a replacement Chapter to be assigned to the Warders in due course to repair their strength, but this request was denied.


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