The Scorpionfish super-heavy missile gunship is a T'au super-heavy skimmer first deployed in the wake of the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

The Scorpionfish was developed as a response to the surprise of Imperial super-heavy tanks faced during that conflict and later engagements, and considerable effort was expended by the Earth Caste to develop a counter in the form of the T'au's own super-heavy gunship.

Lacking any other large vehicle as a basis, the Orca dropship design was modified with additional heavy armaments and armour, effectively reducing its mobility to that of a surface-bound skimmer.

This variant was to become the Scorpionfish missile gunship and it carries no less than a full complement of Submunition, Seeker, Tracer and Smart Missiles, as well as direct-firing Missile Pods. It has no single main weapon, but rather acts as a platform for a number of smaller systems, enabling it to engage any type of threat it encounters.

This flexibility has proven to be a major asset in recent T'au campaigns. Whilst the Scorpionfish may be slower than the majority of T'au units, its skimmer capabilities mean that negotiating difficult terrain normally is not an issue. In battle, Scorpionfish normally form part of a stout firing line at the back of a T'au force, anchoring its defences.


A Scorpionfish's largest weapon is its variable munitions launcher, which is able to selectively fire either Submunition Missiles, Seeker Missiles or Tracer Missiles at its target from extreme ranges without line-of sight, akin to a traditional artillery piece. Such versatility allows the vehicle to engage both infantry and vehicle targets effectively at range.

However, such a large payload means that a well-placed critical hit can detonate the stored missiles, setting off a chain reaction and ripping the vehicle apart in a series of catastrophic explosions. A Scorpionfish is also armed with two sets of twin-linked Missile Pods for direct-fire engagements.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for this T'au vehicle are not yet available from the Ordo Xenos.


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