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A pair of Craftworld Mymeara Scorpion super-heavy grav-tanks on that fought against Imperial forces during the Betalis III Campaign.

The Scorpion is a super-heavy grav-tank utilised exclusively by the Craftworld Aeldari, and is amongst the largest vehicles recorded capable of anti-gravitic movement in the galaxy.

Known to the Asuryani as one of the Engines of Vaul, it combines sophisticated and powerful weaponry with the grace and speed that have come to be associated with the Craftworld Aeldari's vehicles.

Protected by a Holo-Field and armed with twin-linked Pulsars, the Scorpion has earned nicknames like the "Grave-maker" and "Deathsled" from the Imperium of Man's veteran tank crews.

The Asuryani regard the huge armoured vehicles of the Imperium or Orks as crude and ungainly when compared with the grace of a Scorpion as it skims into battle.


A Scorpion super-heavy grav-tank of Craftworld Mymeara

Though the Scorpion is amongst the largest vehicles recorded capable of anti-gravitic movement, its crew numbers are kept to a minimum. The dwindling civilisation of the Craftworld Aeldari means they must rely upon sophisticated technology and the wraithbone construction of their vehicles, freeing more warriors from crewman duties to fill the ranks of Guardian and Aspect Warriors squads.

The Scorpion's hull is unnaturally resilient to damage due to its Wraithbone structure, but its main defence lies in its speed, manoeuvrability and the mysterious powers of its protective Holo-Field, which uses image distortion to protect it from direct hits. A Holo-Field fractures the image of a moving Scorpion, and to the naked eye an active Holo-Field will appear only as a sudden swirl of colours.

Imperial gunners report that it is very hard to target a target protected by a Holo-Field with any degree of certainty of knowing if or where a shot will hit. Even the most blessed targeting and tracking devices can be blinded by field's disruptive energies.

An Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus sketch of a Scorpion super-heavy grav-tank

Scorpions are armed with a twin-linked set of turret-mounted Pulsars, which uses similar technology to that of a Bright Lance but on a far larger scale, and are also armed with a secondary Shuriken Cannon for anti-infantry defence.

Each shot from a Pulsar is capable of cutting through the thickest armour, and is easily capable of slicing a Leman Russ Battle Tank clean in two, threatening an Imperial Titan or destroying a building with a single shot.

Secondary armament also includes a Bright Lance, Eldar Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, or Starcannon, while additional upgrades come in the form of Star Engines and Vectored Engines.

This fearsome firepower is enhanced by the Scorpion's advanced sensory and targeting equipment. Even whilst flying at high speeds, jinxing and weaving, and popping up from cover for only the briefest second, the Scorpion can still lock onto a target and fire with lethal accuracy.

The Asuryani typically field a Scorpion only to spearhead an all-out large scale attack, especially against well-fortified positions, where its Pulsars are used to engage bunkers and hard points.

Alternatively, Scorpions have been deployed as long range support for a fast raiding force, where the Scorpion will use its weapons' range and deadliness to eliminate principle threats from a distance before the main Aeldari force moves in.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record

Technical Information
Length 18.43m
Height 6.8m
Wingspan 10.31m
Estimated Weight 70 tonnes
Barrel Length 10.31m
Armour 12-15mm material unknown
Combat Speed 60 kph
Estimated Max Speed 280 kph
Crew 1 driver, 1 gunner
Armament Twin-Linked Pulsars, Bright Lance
Main Ammunition Estimated 1,000 shots. Unconfirmed.


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