Scorpion's Claw

An Aeldari Scorpion's Claw

Scorpion's Claw is one of the ritual weapons used by the Exarchs of the Striking Scorpion Warrior Aspect. Taking the form of a powered claw-shaped gauntlet, they are artfully crafted to visually resemble the mighty pincer of a real scorpion.

This weapon is, in essence, the Aeldari version of a Power Fist, giving the bearer vastly increased strength and armour penetration with no sacrifice to speed, unlike the weapons of the younger races.

A Scorpion's Claw also incorporates a Shuriken Catapult into the weapon's vambrace for ranged engagements, granting the Exarch a moderate amount of firepower while allowing him to wield another close quarter weapon in his other hand, thus not hampering his close quarters prowess.


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