In the Calixian Conclave of the Inquisition, it is customary to teach the Scintillan Dictates to new Acolytes. They were based on a series of letters written by Inquisitor Heraclion Theos for investigators on the Calixis Sector's capital world of Scintilla. They included the following provisions:

  • Thy master's will shalt be the whole of the law.
  • Thou shalt know thy duties.
  • Thou shalt not over-esteem thine own importance.
  • Thou shalt not make improper use of thy master's purse, nor his seal, nor his name either.
  • Thou shalt seek no reward but the satisfaction of thy master.
  • Thou shalt be glad of thy master's punishment, for it is deserved and improves thee.


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