Scansion Beta is a Dead World found within the Jericho Reach and is one of three notable planets trailing the edge of the Canis Salient of the Achilus Crusade.

It has been of persistent interest to xenos forces opposing the Imperium in the Reach, first by the T'au, and more recently by the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Dagon.


One of the many Dead Worlds that haunt the Jericho Reach, Scansion Beta marks the trailing terminus of the Lampades Spur Warp route. In the early stages of the Achilus Crusade, Scansion Beta was largely ignored by Imperial forces, for its location was not in itself strategically relevant to the flow of armies and resources through the region.

That changed however when a Deathwatch Kill-team discovered a T'au deep-penetration cadre scouting a number of locations in the world's northern polar zones. The cadre was defeated and the Kill-team withdrawn, yet the T'au launched several more missions to explore the world, for no reason the crusade's Tacticae echelons can discern.

Lord Militant Solomon Tetrarchus was wary of a trap, concerned that the T'au's interest in the Dead World might be a diversion intended to mask enemy activities elsewhere and draw the crusade's forces away. Nonetheless, Scansion Beta's strategic rating was upgraded and Imperial Navy patrols there increased.

It was one such patrol that discovered the presence of the Tyranids on Scansion Beta, and it appears that a large number of vanguard organisms are intent upon scouting the exact same region that the T'au forces were exploring.

Furthermore, Adeptus Mechanicus xenos-genetors believe that the Lictors and other creatures present on Scansion Beta are an offshoot of those swarming across Themiskon Point.

As no known stable Warp route exists between the two worlds, it is not known how the Tyranids crossed the void in such a short time, for without a stable, plotted passage even the most skilled of the Imperium's Navigators would have taken far, far longer to complete the journey.

With the Tyranids evincing such an interest in Scansion Beta, the crusade high command has deemed it wise to increase the world's strategic rating still further. Lord Commander Sebiascor Ebongrave has yet to divert significant forces to oppose the Tyranid presence there, instead focusing his resources against his nemesis, the T'au.

At some point soon however, the lord commander may be required to rethink his plans, especially if the Tyranid contagion starts to creep along the Lampedes Spur towards the worlds of the Iron Collar.


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