Armorial of the Angels Vermillion.

Sargan Varsaris was the first Chapter Master of the Angels Vermillion, a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels Legion.


Sargan Varsaris was a Praetor of the Blood Angels Legion who served during the Great Crusade and the subsequent dark days of the Horus Heresy.

Most notably, he took part in some of the first campaigns of the Great Scouring, the war of reciprocity conducted by the Loyalist forces of the Imperium against the hated Traitor Legions following the Siege of Terra.

Elements of the Blood Angels' 9th Chapter, known as the "Angels Vermillion," participated in the Scouring of the Nostramo Sector, the home sector controlled by the murderous Night Lords Traitor Legion.

Located in the northeastern fringes of the galaxy, this benighted region of space had long been a stronghold of Legions sworn to the cause of Horus.

This retribution fleet was initially led by Praetor Kaelon until his death at Sothis in 017.M31, and thereafter by Consul-Vigilator Sargan Varsaris, who was raised up to the position of Praetor upon his predecessor's death.

During their sojourn in the Nostramo Sector, the Angels Vermillion discovered the wreckage of the Night Lords' cruiser Shroud of Eventide which had crashed upon the surface of the planet Kalleth several Terran years earlier.

Marked for salvage, Praetor Varsair ordered the vessel to be raised in 020.M31 in preparation for the coming edict of the Second Founding, renaming it the Crimson Intent.

The vessel would go on to serve the newly formed Angels Vermillion Chapter as their new flagship.


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