The Dawneagle Jetbike of this Vertus Praetor is outfitted with a Salvo Launcher

A Salvo Launcher is a type of Missile Launcher used by the Vertus Praetors of the Adeptus Custodes. It is an optional weapon loadout for the Vertus Praetors' Dawneagle Jetbikes. Mounted on the front of their Dawneagles, Salvo Launchers allow Vertus Praetors to truly come into their own as lightning-fast tank hunters.

They scream across the battlefield, rapidly outflanking and encircling the heaviest enemy vehicles before annihilating them with strafing runs of Melta Missiles unleashed from the launchers. Even enemy aircraft are not safe, for by combining their fire the Vertus Praetors are able to weave airborne webs of flakk blasts created by Flakkburst Missiles into which hurtling enemy aircraft slam with terminal results.



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