Saint Praxedes of Ophelia VII

Saint Praxedes of Ophelia VII

Saint Praxedes of Ophelia VII was an Adepta Sororitas Canoness of the Order of Our Martyred Lady and renowned hero of the Imperium of Man's Ultima Segmentum during the Second Tyrannic War. She was martyred upon the Cardinal World of Okassis after leading a valiant defence against the encroaching Tyranid menace.


Saint Praxedes of Ophelia VII was the Canoness of the Order of Our Martyred Lady at the start of the Second Tyrannic War in 991.M41. With a force of Battle-Sisters from her Order she reinforced the Caladenian Regiments of the Imperial Guard on the Cardinal World of Okassis. As the Tyranids assaulted the Ecclesiarchal Cathedral, she led her Battle-Sisters and a company of Guardsmen in a gallant counter-attack.

The combined fire of Retributor Squads and Exorcist tanks obliterated the first wave, but the second managed to breach the Cathedral's fortress-walls. As Tyranids poured through, Praxedes confronted the horde leader, a monstrous Hive Tyrant. During the furious battle, the Canoness was dealt a mortal wound. As her blood poured onto the floor, Praxedes summoned the strength to land one final blow, caving in the Hive Tyrant's skull with a thunderous strike from her Power Mace.

With the Tyrant's destruction, the Tyranid swarm lost all cohesion and the Sisters of Battle wasted no time in pressing the assault, determined to avenge the death of their beloved leader. Such was the fury of their counter-attack that the remaining aliens were swept aside, buying the time needed to evacuate the Ecclesiarchy's priests and thousands of refugees fleeing from Okassis.

She was the first Imperial to be martyred during the attack of Hive Fleet Kraken and her name is revered all across the Segmentum Ultima. Some claim that she yet lives, fighting on against the dreaded hordes of the Tyranids from within their swarm.


  • Sororitas Power Armour
  • Godwyn De'az Pattern Boltgun
  • Frag & Krak Grenades
  • Mantle of Ophelia - The Mantle of Ophelia was once the badge of office for the Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum and was worn by Helena the Virtuous, a Living Saint and one of the most revered leaders in the history of the Adepta Sororitas. The mantle is thought to have sacred powers of protection, for Helena was said to have anointed it with the Tears of the Emperor, a phial of blood-like liquid meticulously collected over a century from weeping statues of the Emperor found across the Cardinal Worlds of the Imperium.
  • Sceptre of Vengeance - The Sceptre of Vengeance was the huge, heavy Power Mace wielded by Saint Ophelia in hand-to-hand combat. Its head is wreathed in a shimmering flame which leaves a trail of fiery sparks as it swings through the air.


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