Ork Roc David Griffith

A massive Ork Rok

An Ork Rok is the most feared form of Ork spacecraft. A Rok was once an asteroid that has been hollowed out by Ork Mekboyz and then outfitted with Ork-made gunz, plasma engines, targeting systems and whatever other large, powerful weapons the Orks can get their green hands on.

Roks possess no Warp-Drives and so are incapable of Warp travel, instead drifting from star system to star system as the solar winds dictate. It is common for Ork WAAAGHs! that are large enough to possess Roks to use these massive spacecraft as one-way reentry vehicles, positioning them to slam down onto the surface of a world the Orks intended to invade.

While this means the Rok cannot be reused to get back into space, it does cause a horrific amount of damage to whatever world the Orks invade, greatly pleasing the Greenskins and weakening the defences of the planet's military forces.


Third War for Armageddon

Orc Rok Disgorging Troops

An Ork Rok disgorges its deadly cargo of Greenskins after making planetfall

Roks were used extensively by the forces of the Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka at the onset of the Third War for Armageddon in 998.M41 when the Orks slammed their Roks into that battered Hive World to begin their next attempt at its conquest. On Armageddon, the Roks made landings in the verdant equatorial jungles and across all of Armageddon's continents, not just upon the populated landmasses of the continents of Primus and Secundus.

Some Roks were lost to ground fire or smashed apart by their own impact, but many more survived. Not only did they slam into the planet to crush anything below, but the shockwaves of those landings were devastating. Even as the Space Marines began their attack runs to stall the Orks' advance, they found the Roks crashing amongst them.

Each landed Rok became a bastion for the Orks, a rallying point and a ready-made fortress. But there was more: as well as gunz, the Roks contained Tellyporta arrays like those first used by Ghazghkull in his Piscina Campaign. These were swiftly used to bring Ork reinforcements to the planet, countering the Space Marines' attacks. They included special Marine-killa mobs, Stompas, artillery and even Gargants.


  • Hull: Varies; up to 4 kilometres in diameter
  • Class: Ork "Rok"
  • Mass: Varies
  • Crew: Unknown
  • Acceleration: 1-2 gravities maximum acceleration


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