The Deathwatch Devastator Marine Rodicrus Grytt of the Imperial Fists Chapter.

Rodicrus Grytt is a Deathwatch Devastator Marine originally drawn from the Imperial Fists Chapter. Rodricus Grytt rejected the captaincy of the Imperial Fists' 9th Company to serve in a front line role with the Deathwatch. Here he relishes his duty as a Devastator Marine and heavy weapons specialist, winning every battle with the precise application of overwhelming firepower.

In his hands he grips a powerful Frag Cannon, an extreme calibre weapon that fires explosive or solid shells to pulp the foe. A faithful Servo-skull spotter aids Grytt in choosing targets even as he brings the monstrous firepower of his heavy weapon to bear.

In the late 41st Millennium, Grytt was a part of the Deathwatch contingent sent to the world of Ghosar Quintus to deal with a Genestealer infiltration.


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