An Imperial Ripper Pistol

The Ripper Pistol is a modified Imperial Autopistol that is the favoured personal weapon of those, including Rogue Traders, who venture onto hostile Jungle Worlds and Death Worlds like Catachan. It fires specially designed armour-piercing rounds containing a vicious cocktail of venomous chemicals.

It is designed so that if the vicious impact of the bullet does not kill the target, the poisons flooding into its bloodstream will, and thus can bring down the largest opponents in a single shot. Often, a Ripper Pistol is the final word in terminal close encounters. As this weapon is designed to be used with a specific type of ammunition, it may not be equipped with any other unusual rounds. The Ripper Pistol was made famous in the annals of the Astra Militarum by the Catachan Jungle Fighter Sly Marbo, the so-called "One Man Army," who uses one as his favourite sidearm.


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