Ogryn Ripper Gun

An Ogryn Ripper Gun

A Ripper Gun is a heavy, automatic combat Shotgun built to the massive scale of Ogryns serving in the Imperial Guard. Compared to other Imperial weapons, these weapons are fairly simple, somewhat akin to the Ork Shoota. A Ripper Gun is a short range weapon that fires several shells at once to compensate for the poor aim of the average Ogryn. Ripper Guns usually can fire either a single heavy shell or a hail of shot in each burst, and possesses a hard-wired burst limiter to prevent the Ogryn from emptying his weapon the first time he pulls the trigger. This is something Ogryns find amusing, but as they often fail to remember to switch magazines, this habit leaves them without a ranged weapon. By design, the Ripper Gun does not have a long range because of an Ogryn's instinct to always favour close combat. Ripper Guns are intended to be fired to soften up the enemy before the Ogryns charge into close combat, and are built particularly robustly so that they can stand up to the Ogryn use of them as clubs in melee. Ripper Guns can also be fitted with Ripper Saws. A Ripper Saw is, as the name implies, a saw blade that is attached to the end of a Ripper Gun which is intended to provide the Ogryn with an effective close combat melee weapon once they close with the enemy. The Ripper Gun is one of the few Imperial weapons that is intentionally crafted for use by Ogryns, and its design is intended to be much more durable and larger than a standard Imperial weapon, to compensate for the Ogryns' extreme clumsiness and intellectual deficits.


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