The deadly and much feared Rift Cannon of a Ravenwing Dark Talon.

The Rift Cannon, sometimes referred to as the Stained Glass Cannon, is a formidable weapon only utilised by the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter and the Successor Chapters of the Unforgiven.

This weapon was developed at the zenith of Mankind's technological achievements and its hubris during the Dark Age of Technology long before the Emperor first reigned upon Terra.

When fired, it emits a beam of Warp energy that emerges with a cascade of scintillating colours that explode into a blossom of oblivion as a small rift into the Immaterium is opened at the beam's point of contact.

The scintillating beam of the Rift Cannon cracks a hole in reality itself, creating a deadly implosion.

Those who survive the blast suffer the stunning effect of even so brief an exposure to such an unusual phenomenon.

This weapon is utilised as a part of the formidable arsenal of the deadly and much feared aircraft known as the Ravenwing Dark Talon.


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