Retaliator Class Grand Cruiser2b

Chaos Retaliator-class Grand Cruiser

The Retaliator-class Grand Cruiser, like many Chaos vessels, was originally an Imperial Navy starship, delegated to reserve and garrison fleets as newer designs took the fore. However, the Treachery of Galan in the 35th Millennium saw the Retaliators in the Galan V garrison fleet mutiny en masse.

After a two solar day pitched battle around the three moons of Galan V, the four Traitor vessels were destroyed, taking three Imperial Cruisers with them. The Renegade squadron disengaged, fled out of the system and made the jump into the Warp, led by the squadron command vessel, Foebane.

In the millennia since, they have plagued the Segmentum Obscurus, Segmentum Solar, and Segmentum Ultima, and served in the fleets of three prominent Renegade Warmasters and various Traitor Legions. In response, the Imperial Navy has discontinued the use of most of its own remaining Retaliators.


The Retaliator is a dangerous starship, similar in purpose to the Imperial Exorcist-class. It combines Lances, Attack Craft launch bays, and macrobatteries to create a warship capable of dealing with a wide variety of tactical space combat roles. Only one Retaliator-class vessel is known to be operating in the Koronus Expanse, the infamous Monarch of Whispers. However, it is certainly possible other Retaliators operate amongst the distant stars.


  • Hull: Grand Cruiser
  • Class: Retaliator-class Chaos Grand Cruiser
  • Dimensions: Approximately 6.2 kilometres long, 1.4 kilometres abeam
  • Mass: Approximately 38 megatonnes
  • Crew: Approximately 140,000
  • Acceleration: 2.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration

Notable Retaliator-class Vessels

  • Monarch of Whispers - Originally, the Monarch of Whispers was a pre-Angevin Crusade relic captured by the Rogue Trader Buros Han. However, Buros' luck ran out in 717.M41, when his Navigator, Ember Nostromo, wrested command of the vessel and expelled him out of an airlock. The Renegade Navigator turned pirate, gathering under her sway a coterie of Warp-witches and murderers from the Saynay Clan. Over the last standard century, the Monarch of Whispers has become one of the must hunted ships in the Koronus Expanse, with an enormous bounty offered by the Navis Nobilite. Amongst Nostromo's crimes is the destruction of an Adeptus Ministorum Missionaria Galaxia outpost in the Heathen Stars -- it is said that Nostromo laughed as her ship's Lances ignited an entire continent from orbit.


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