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A Reaper Autocannon used by a Chaos Terminator

The Reaper Autocannon is a double-barrelled variant of the standard Autocannon. The Reaper Autocannon was originally designed during the Great Crusade for use as a heavy support weapon for the Terminator Squads of the Space Marine Legions. The weapon features two barrels and is capable of a high rate of fire, but it requires the incredible strength available to those who wear Terminator Armour to be carried as an infantry-portable weapon. This is because the recoil of this weapon is too great for even Power Armour-wearing Space Marines to unleash it effectively.

The weapon usually features a large blade on the end of the barrels that can be used in close combat if needed. By the time of the late 41st Millennium, the Reaper Autocannon is no longer used by the Astartes forces of the Imperium of Man, who have replaced it with the more effective Assault Cannon. However, Reaper Autocannons are still a relatively common sight amongst the fragmented warbands of the Heretic Astartes. The Reaper Autocannon is usually found in use by Chaos Terminators, but it is also employed by Defiler and Blight Drone Daemon Engines, Helbrute walkers, and the mighty Decimator super-heavy tank.


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