A Tyranid Razorfiend Cruiser

A Razorfiend is one of the various cruiser-sized organic Tyranid Bio-ships that represent a mix of overgrown Tyranid Escort Drones and immature Hive Ships.

They are aggressive in their attacks, storming out from the Hive Fleet in response to any threat to the massive Hive Ships, often using their claws and tentacles to make direct attacks on enemy starships in an effort to physically smash them to pieces.

Cruiser-sized Tyranid Bio-ships are seldom found far from the Hive Ship, however, and it has been theorised that they receive their nourishment from them in some manner. Tyranid Cruisers are arguably the greater threat of the two, however, due to the fact that, unlike the Hive Ships that dwarf them, Tyranid Cruisers are not synapse nodes.

This relative expendability allows them to be incredibly aggressive in their attacks, heedless of losses as they bring their wide variety of weapons to bear, since their loss will not endanger the other elements of the Tyranid fleet. As with most Tyranids vessels, their threat is only really effective at close range.


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