Raptor is the thirty-second audio drama for The Horus Heresy series that was not originally released as part of an anthology or other release. Raptor was first released as an audio drama in March 2015, and later as part of the Corax main series anthology.

Official Synopsis

After the decimation of his Legion on the killing fields of Isstvan V, the Primarch Corax sanctioned an accelerated implantation process to create new Raven Guard -- a process subverted in secret by his enemies. But in spite of their horrendous mutations, the warriors of the 'Raptors' still stand ready to do their Primarch's bidding. When a watch-pack of Space Wolves Legionaries arrives unannounced, it falls to Lieutenant Navar Hef to greet their warlike kinsmen and decide whether or not they might be hiding flaws of their own...


  • Raptor (Audio Drama) by Gav Thorpe
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