Ranulf the Strong

Ranulf the Strong standing next to a normal-sized Wolf Guard Terminator

Ranulf, known as Ranulf the Strong, is supposedly the largest warrior within the Space Wolves Chapter's entire history, said to have rivalled even the mighty Leman Russ in size. Ranulf was a legend in his day as a member of the Wolf Guard Terminators and remains a legendary figure in the Chapter even now, long after his death. His specially-customised Terminator Armour rests in the Hall of Heroes within The Fang, towering over all who view it.


Ranulf is said to be the largest warrior of all the Space Wolves, larger in girth and mightier of arm than even the Chapter's Primarch Leman Russ. His Terminator Armour, which now stands in the Hall of Heroes, towers over all who look upon it. Ranulf performed many feats of strength. Once, when his squad was trapped by a river of lava, Ranulf pushed the wreckage of a Land Raider into the molten stream so that his Pack could cross. The story of Ranulf's death is told at great length in his saga. The Space Wolves were retreating over a narrow mountain pass following a rare defeat at the hands of the Orks. When the Orks caught up with the end of the Space Wolves' column, Ranulf and a handful of Wolf Guard put up a gallant stand against the entire Ork army in a narrow gap in the pass. While the few warriors held back thousands of Orks, the remaining Space Wolves made it back to safety. Although they greatly outnumbered the defenders, the Orks were unable to bring more than a handful of troops into combat at any one time due to the narrowness and shape of the defile. Before many solar hours were passed there was a pile of Ork bodies as high as a wall. But even the giant Space Wolves warrior could not hold out forever. One by one, his Wolf Guard fell, until only Ranulf was left. Though the Orks overcame him in the end, even those creatures could not bring themselves to desecrate his body. When the Space Wolves recovered the pass they found Ranulf and his dead companions seated in a hastily constructed shrine surrounded by an immense pile of Ork wargear. To the Space Wolves Ranulf was a great Champion –- but to his enemies he became nothing less than a god.



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