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*''How to Paint Space Marines'', pg. 81
*''How to Paint Space Marines'', pg. 81
*''Imperial Armour Volume Two - Space Marines and Forces of the Inquisition''
*''Imperial Armour Volume Two - Space Marines and Forces of the Inquisition''
*''Imperial Armour Volume Two, Second Edition - War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes'', pg. 17
*''Insignium Astartes'', pg. 57
*''Insignium Astartes'', pg. 57

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RampagersChapterColour Scheme

Rampagers Chapter Colour Scheme

The Rampagers are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the White Scars. Like their progenitors, the Rampagers make use of ritual facial scarring to denote both the rank and achievements of Astartes in the Chapter. These scars are applied during a long, sacred Chapter ceremony called the Blooding. The blood drawn from the faces of the Space Marines during this ritual is then mixed with the drinks served during the feast that always follows the completion of the ceremony

Chapter History

Notable Campaigns

  • The Dabenlar III Campaign (490.M34) - The 6th Company of the Rampagers Chapter advances 3,000 kilometres in a bold, armour-borne operation, crossing the Burning Plains of Dabenlar III's equatorial deserts and toppling the outflanked and ill-prepared rebel theocracy in a single night of retribution and bloodshed. The Rampagers instigate a brutal purge of the population, after which the people of Dabenlar III are declared free of heresy. Before taking their leave of the war zone, the Chapter asserts recruitment rights over the population, from which it draws Aspirants to this day.
  • The 7th Black Crusade (The Ghost War) - Defence of Mackan (c.811.M37) - The 7th Black Crusade was a Black Crusade launched against the forces of the Imperium of Man, led by the infamous Chaos Champion Abaddon the Despoiler and his Black Legion, launched out of the Eye of Terror in 811.M37. At this time, the Forces of Chaos spewed forth from the great Warp rift past Cadia and then disappeared. This event is what earned this conflict its informal name of the Ghost War. The following years saw a game of hide-and-seek played between the Forces of Chaos and the Imperium of Man which spread confusion, paranoia, disinformation and deceit across the galaxy. Raids became commonplace in far-flung areas but eventually the servants of the Dark Gods returned to the Eye of Terror, having caused great difficulty for the Emperor's Loyalists but having proven unable to significantly degrade Imperial defensive capabilities at that time. After their rescue at Midian, the full might of the Blood Angels Chapter fell upon a vast Black Legion warband on the world of Mackan. The Rampagers' 7th Company participate in the valiant defence of Mackan. The conflict ultimately ends in the near-extinction of the Blood Angels at the hands of Abaddon and two of his lieutenants.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Rampagers' Power Armour is painted red with a black Aquila and Chapter markings. The black squad specialty symbol (Tactical, Assault, Devastator, or Veteran) is indicated on the outer side of the right greave rather than the right shoulder plate. Company designation is indicated by the colour of the left knee plate.

Chapter Badge

The Rampagers Chapter badge is a white hand grasping a yellow lightning bolt, ready to strike with it. This symbol is derived from the icon of the Chapter's genetic forebears, the White Scars.


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