Star of Chaos

The Star of Chaos

Qux of the Eyeless was a Magister of the Forces of Chaos commanded by Archon Nadzybar during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Qux was present during the Imperial invasion of the world of Balhaut in 764.M41, and fled the planet after the death of Nadzybar at the hands of the Imperial Warmaster Slaydo. One of Archon Nadzybar's most notorious Magisters, Qux of the Eyeless was the architect of a crushing defeat that befell the Emperor's servants on the fiercely contested world of Parthenope in 767.M41.

After the flight from Balhaut, Qux had re-consolidated his own Chaotic forces on Parthenope. The Crusade's high command sent General Onator, commanding 20 divisions of the Imperial Guard, to re-secure the world. Magister Qux ordered a feint and made it appear that his forces were collapsing under the initial Imperial assault. Coaxing the Imperial troops into an advance across the Caterad Highlands, the Magister's forces then encircled and outflanked Onator's troops.

Onator was beset from all sides, and attempted to withdraw his forces. The ultimate and dreadful fate that befell Onator and his remaining men was suppressed by the Inquisition for morale reasons. Emboldened by this bloody triumph, Magister Qux sent out his warships and pursued to destruction the components of the Crusade fleet that had brought the hapless Onator and his allies to Parthenope. This was the third largest single fleet engagement of the Sabbat Worlds campaign, and resulted in a total victory for the Forces of Chaos. The outcome of this large fleet action created the vast Antioch debris field, which remains a sad memorial to the fallible human weakness of hubris. The ultimate fate of Qux of the Eyeless during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade remains unknown.


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